At St Jacobs Day Care, we believe that children are “competent, capable, curious and rich in potential.

As collaborators in their learning, we offer a positive, supportive environment that focuses on developing a child’s sense of belonging, promotes engagement with peers, family and community, fulfills each child’s potential through play, exploration and inquiry, and fosters expression in all forms.

Moments of discovery can take place through child-directed and adult-supported experiences, as well as through conversations, individual interactions and progression through our daily routines and transitions.

Our educators are dedicated professionals who possess a wealth of experience, unique gifts, and a high level of enthusiasm for their work. They carefully observe, document, analyze and share the play experiences of individual children and groups.

Thoughtful consideration is given to the needs, interests and inquiries that children are making during play. Through careful analysis, intentional, material-rich play environments are created.

St Jacobs Daycare is dedicated to the inclusion of all children, and is a proud participant in the larger community.